Dye It Red

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hi my names grant

i’ve been reading a bit about it lately on here and other places with different people chiming in with different ideas about it all. i dont know if im totally correct but from what i heard someone shouted ‘GG Allin’ from the crowd at one of mac’s shows. apparently he was a musician that had raped a fan or fans, or something of that nature. i think what mac said after that was just an instinctive attempt to be funny. mac and his band have been known for being very blunt and often times inappropriate. obviously thats not a subject that should be joked about to any extent, so im disappointed to hear it coming from mac. as for the apology refusal, im not really sure how that all went down so i cant really say too much i guess. do i really think mac meant to offend people? no. not at all. do i think he should have joked about it? definitely not. not at all. I’ve been a huge fan of him since day one, so its a bit strange to hear stuff like this being talked about. i can say however that i met him the other night and he was one of the nicest musicians ive ever met. we hung out for a bit before the show and while he soundchecked (i was lucky enough to be inside very early). and after the show he waited around talking to everyone that wanted to see him. you could see how tired and worn out he was but he still managed to crack a smile for every picture and every person he talked to. again im not sure what was said between he and the fan asking him to apologize, so i dont really know what to say. I dont think he should have joked about that at all, but im not gonna stop listening to his music. it seems like some people are on a witch hunt to talk shit about him now. i think he made a mistake. i dont agree with what he said, and but im not just gonna start to hate him. hes still one of my favorites. you asked for my personal views, so hopefully you can understand where im coming from even if you dont necessarily agree. thanks for the question